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I’m so glad you’re here; I hope you find some interesting about Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography and helpful information, new ideas, and opportunities to join the conversation! Dive into the blog and be part of the conversation..


How did you get here?

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I use Facebook & Instagram to connect, discuss, and learn. I’m ‘following’ many individuals and organizations from around the world, mostly those people in social change and social media (since that’s my thing) but also people in the dive industry, photographers, and some that are just plain fun.



You could do have a search “IRWIN ANG”, so if you were looking for me through Google, you probably found me pretty quickly. If you have a specific topic, diving, photos, event, underwater photography workshop or conference you were hoping to find out more about, you can use contact links on the top column of the page. As always, let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for.




I am happy to have many friends in everywhere, some that I have met in person and some that I haven’t. If you are a blogger, diver, photographer and all about underwater stuff, looking for more information about me, please click on "IRWIN ANG" or use any of the links on top column of this page to connect with me on other site.




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